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Sofia Duarte

Pseudonym: Sofia Duarte
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Chinese Sign: Horse
Favorite Quote:
All is uncertain and ultimate.
All is fragmented, nothing is whole.
Oh Portugal, today you are mist...
‘Til the hour!
- Mist, by Fernando Pessoa
Hobbies: Writing, Singing, tacking photos, watching series and movies…
Favorite Authors: Isabel Allende, Agatha Christie, Florbela Espanca, Herberto Hélder e Edgar Allan Poe
Favorite Books: Harry Potter Books - J. K. Rowling; I Miss You - Inês Pedrosa; City of the Beasts- Isabel Allende, Ten Little Nigers- Agatha Christie
Favorite Bands: Kittie, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Deolinda, Moonspell, A Perfect Circle, Sigur Rós, Two Steps From Hell, Apocalyptica
Favorite Singers: David Fonseca, Tarja Turunen e Dulce Pontes
Favorite Composers: Hans Zimmer, Yiruma e Richard Wagner
Top Movies: Corpse Bride, Harry Potter Saga, Saw Saga, The Queen of the Damned, Pan’s Labyrinth and Houdini
Top Series: Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Nikita, Fringe, The Following, Revenge, American Horror Story e The Librarians

About what I write

Once upon a time there was a father who loved a little one more than you can ever imagine. He showed to his daughter how she could find herself. What kind of love was capable of following that little heart even when death came? The journey started when just a little girl was trapped inside a body’s heart and mind. Not an ordinary one, it’s some kind of insane. She leaves sometimes our world and tries to fulfill her desires of freedom into another character’s life. It’s like fighting against someone that always wants to open that door inside them. A little inspiration burns when our eyes meet each other. Everything turns out to become wonderful when we find incredible reasons for smiling away – even when darkness seems to right in front of us.

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