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Monday, August 20, 2018


Every day we are someone that dies with our experiences. That’s why I usually say that I don’t exist. Each time a new sunrise shows up, I reborn after a refreshing sleep.
As I sit here, between these trees on a hot afternoon, I can check each person living their lives as if the death was approaching from far. Some of them are kind enough to stop their busy days to check on a beautiful flower and take a selfie. I’ve noticed that people try to take photos of everything nowadays. Is it maybe because we all die once each cycle?
I love to write a plot in my mind for every character that catches my eyes. It’s like a way of never letting my mind go down – since my imagination drives me far away from all the stress and conflicts that happened that day. Sometimes emotions can flow through my soul even without any relation to my life.
Yes, I am a thief of fate. I’ll imagine all that people and still their freedom for another dimension.
As I get up from the grass, a little girl came across trying to grab his dog. Their happiness goes through my veins and a smile shows up my lips.
- Hello, little girl! – I said.
- Hi, big girl! – She answered while touching the tangled hair of the dog.
A woman, I would say her mother, calls for Debora’s. She left in a hurry and leaves with her. Me and a dog in a strange little world. The silence echoes.
- Hey, silent dog. Did you know what is nice to do? – he looks at me as if he understood me. – We are much alike. I’ll tell you a secret, but you can’t tell anyone.
Just at that moment, this dog leaves me.
- You don’t want to keep a secret? – I screamed. Some people looked at me. I didn’t care.
I laid down my body and asked the tree if it wanted to keep a secret. Another moment of silence.
Yesterday was the day I’ve died again. Today I’ve returned with the sunrise. We are always like this. We fall in emotions, we die in winter’s pain. Our life grows back at the Spring of the hope that arises and our golden days last at Summer.
We are like the Earth itself. Yes, it’s a whole new world from within.

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