[Texts] Never Leave My Heart

janeiro 10, 2017

Your hug runs through my veins and my heart beats deeply because of you. Sometimes I ponder why your sun just shined after the storm.
My smile shows up every time I think about you. I’ve grown with your love and I’ve never imagined that this day – the one you have died – could become so important in my life. Your wings always were above me, your love protected me. I think you’ve known so much without even care if that hidden truth was harming you. Realizing that made me a better person – and a terrible monster, too.
I’ve to see what kind of love I could be to you more than our shared love, I guess now it’s too late to try feeling your hug once more but you can never leave my heart or soul.
Today is the day that our love it’s more than a memory – it’s a hope carried in every day of my breathing live.
I love you, grandpa. Never leave my heart.

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