[Texts] The Day I Was Reborn

janeiro 03, 2017

Sometimes I think it’s hard to be just me – with all the memories and the love that stays in the past. I’m a wind that passes and blows away, like these words that travels from my fingers to the paper. My smile is the freedom that my heart feels every day. I want to smile with you. I want to show you my deep thoughts and dreams to make you scream for happiness.
Today is the day that we are just friends. I will smile at you, wanting to know about all your hobbies and dreams. I’ll feed on your soul just a little bit of my darkness – please allow it. Our light will get over it all.
Where were you when our smile vanished? This is the day that I reborn. This is the day that our memories become my strength and light. Your hug enlighten me, your voice makes me cry. I’m so happy to have your soul within me, taking part of every little letter of mine.
We now are the wind; we can become a storm or even a tsunami of love. I can close my eyes and smile to you deep into my mind. Is that the most important type of love that will I find?
Into my skin flows the best melody that humanity could find. Oh, my heart, you are so light! I wish my mind would leave that storm behind.
Do I see the sea? It’s inside my skin, with all the salty ways of dreaming with a seashell. This is the day that I reborn. The single day of the year that I could die – the day I must survive. This is the day of a winter’s storm. Today I must be the queen of ice – even when the heart prevails warm.
Hug me once more, before the cold arrives. Let the words set free… Any of them are yours anyway…

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