[Soundtrack] Little Heart

janeiro 07, 2017

Today is the day that I’ve drowned within my heart. I’ve swam into their holes, found little treasures that I’ve forgotten. Do you remember last time you tried to get lost in your feelings?
I love to sing, so my soul almost cried out loud because of the noise. My fingers had become the rhythm, my feet had overstepped the notes and my voice sang the songs of the lost memories.
Echoes get lost between the imaginary walls that I’ve built in my heart. I was so ashamed that my soul couldn’t join that I had a little hidden smile to give. My bones were broken, my organs became ashes. My imagination was all that I had left. My sight lost into darkness or light – colors had become feelings and I’ve felt them so powerfully that I could hear my screams within.
I had two arms that stand up with the wind of emotion. I was already lost – and I didn’t even mind about it.
Some sentences became to fall into feelings, without any surroundings. Words that had lost their worlds, dreams that became feelings… A simple act of feeling that had become huge to that little heart.
I’ve drown it down, that little heart, with the feels. But I don’t want it to end. It had become a precious gift from the life I’ve got. Feeling it’s like falling. We learn to get it through. We’ve become close, more intimate with that kind of stuff. We became insane.

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