[Texts] Trapped little person

dezembro 20, 2016

Once I was told that love conquers all. That little voice inside me believed with all hope and freedom that I once had. Just like a smile that hides from sadness, that story has become a sad one.
Smile little girl, – I said – smile so the sun don’t turn a shadow just like my heart. Don’t fall to the river of sorrow – just follow the stars and shine.
You are my dead shinny girl, the one that dreamed with the soul. I will cry for you, my precious. I will fight against you all my life. You are the one who survived and I’m the loser. Where have you hidden that darkness that you kept with me? Where are you?
Once my soul shows itself ever again, prepare for a fight – not just a little fight, but a war. Prepare for a war, little shinny thing. We are made for the stars and I’ll take you there.
Even if it’s the last thing I do. I promise.

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