[Texts] Broken Art Pieces

dezembro 14, 2016

Sometimes is hard to get answers. Life is so unpredictable that always finds a way to shows us that we are so precious and our emotions are unique. How can we lose our minds if even our soul seems stronger in each problem that we face?
It’s not easy to get through what shows every day but we are strong. Any battle is a chance to have more reasons to survive and finally live!
Don’t get upset by the path that you follow, simply fight to change the course. If you don’t believe on your strength you are mistaken. How old are you? How many problems did you fought back and won?
Is it hard to be strong? Yes, it is. But it’s harder not to be. We all are broken in a certain way – collect the pieces and make art from them.
Be strong, my friend. Deep waters are approaching.
Remember how beautiful your pieces are, get them together and be the art!

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