[Text] Choose to live

dezembro 06, 2016

When you heart stopped beating I swear I could hear my soul being ripped apart. Our love hasn’t even got the chance to survive the war that was above us. Some may call it fate. For me it was a sad beginning.
Every night my forehead gets its salty waters. The storm that grows in my dreams becomes even greater when my life wishes a quick end. I know that I’m only alive because you saved me with your body. How can I destroy something that you gave your life for?
The war that ended for the others – they said that it ended – it’s like a shadow that fulfills my day. I’m insane right know, but I’m quiet. My smile hides that dark place that’s inside me.
It’s like a treasure, being alive. Knowing that this is the story of my perfect moment, when we both died. Being alive with a dead inside. Today will be my day, the one that sings to me the joy of the sun.
Life means nothing if you can’t get away of the bright colors. We are lost, trying to find a meaning for life and losing all the chances that we have to simply living.

I have a life of choices, we all have.

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