[Texts] World of Sepia

novembro 29, 2016

I believe that the truth – even in its cruel way – must be told. We live in a world of sepia when we are blind to the truth and we don’t even know the colors of the day. All is perfect, beautiful and peaceful. Truth hurts, shows us our true colors and the ones that surrounds us. We even think that we can’t survive that kind of life. We are wrong.
We create illusions that make us justify all the shit we do every single day. It’s not really the truth that hurts people, but the person who hides it.
We say that we want to protect the person we love by lying, but we want to protect ourselves by not dealing with the depth of the truth. We can build a crazy net of lies just in seconds – and sometimes we even forgot how the truth truly was.
That beautiful Sepia World becomes the memories that we want to keep from that lies. We even knowing the truth – ugly truth – we want to get back to that insane happiness that was a simple DECEPTION.
Happiness is something that deserves the truth by its companion. Be truth to yourself, to your friends. Don’t forget that you can always survive whatever you think you can’t.
We are stronger in the truth that in that world of Sepia. Become the truest colors of yourself. Smile with it all. Don’t be alive just by breathing. Be free of the chains of deception. Break free from illusions that society inputs in us. Live in a world full of colors – truth is the better way, always. Even when it hurts, it’s real.

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