[Texts] What happened to freedom?

novembro 16, 2016

The world has seen humanity quite a long time. We make a new world of our own, with the thoughts of leaving the human – superior – race above all the universe. How could such animal instincts still remain when we say that we are free and connected with such a great mind that think?
Same old laws of the jungle. Animals trying to take their best interest above whatever surrounds them? We are a joke. Quite great minds, I see.
But who am I to judge? Just like anyone, I’m a great mind minded in my own world. Dreams of a great civilization always across some minds – some of them dye for their beliefs.
What goes around comes around, and not for the better good – like karma. With a world of masks: being tolerant with intolerance. Speaking of freedom when we look away when we see people enchained by their worlds breaking apart. People – mostly refugees – are alone, crossing the desert of disbelieved occidental people. They do believe in better days, some of them even want to share it with us.
Others, just like our people, came just to be a stone that steps forward great people that can do great things. We all are the same human race. What are your dreams? Why they are any different from the other humans? What makes you the chosen one instead of that one beside you?
We are quite intolerant, quite imprisoned by the freedom that we speak but never believed. Where is that kind of freedom for all? We all make chains into our hearts and our minds. Enslaved by our own choice.
What a pretty way of being free… Getting even more broken and close minded that any other time.
Even worse, we never evolve. A circle of talked freedom and open minded people – that are just for illusion. Same old shit. The same old habits, I see.
Habits die hard, just like freedom still hasn’t truly born.

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