[Texts] We are not alone

novembro 22, 2016

The rain keeps coming, just like my heart keeps crying about the world that dies every day and I don’t even care – sometimes we are disgraceful.
People die every second, why would I care about Nature or the planet? We have food, we can be free for it all and become ignorant by choice. We are not perfect, why should I feel guilty? Guilt is not an answer. But how can I try to get away from the society that made me grow up? Is there any piece of magic that makes us perfectly natural? Not everything needs to be completely erased, but transformed. We have technology at our favor.
Let’s get better at knowing that we are not alone. Look around you… What do you see? Just concrete – sometimes we try to mix it with some kind of ‘nature’, but we kill bugs or anything that isn’t pretty to see.
We are not alone, we are part of the Nature – of the world. We don’t own the world, so why keeping making wars for something shitty?
I’m insane, just about to think of all that we can do but choose not to. Am I ignorant by choice too? Yes, I am. What a crazy little girl can I be – wanting to the world to get better by me doing nothing. Words change? Sometimes, but they are not enough.
Day by day, let’s try to let the shitty ways down. Piece by piece, let’s choose not to be ignorant. Let’s try and take action – simple actions will do. Let’s see the world like our treasure to nurture, not to devastate.

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