[Texts] Just one more step, please.

novembro 08, 2016

There comes a time when our soul seems momentarily sold to the sorrow of our heart. In fact, we really are between the fall and the growth. Every corner of our lives is born to grow and get a better way of looking into anything that surrounds us.
I’m sure that I can travel further even when my foot seems to fall down the torrent. Perhaps my mind could become the wings that my body needs to get through this time. We choose the path. Sorrow or hope. We can always change the way we see things, maybe that’s the really treasure – the way we see the world becomes the way the world sees us.
How can you achieve your dreams when they stay broken inside you? Do they have wings? Just one more step, please. We are so close to oblivion. Get far away from us. Please, fly! Use your deepest wings and make your dreams transform our world into new colors.

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