[Soundtrack] Dark Waters

novembro 19, 2016

We are naive if we think that just our problems are the real thing. There’s so much in the world that doesn’t fit into the called ‘justice’ that we almost don’t have the right to think that we are the cursed ones.
We lost ourselves into selfishness; being broken doesn’t mean that we can’t get up. We become stronger even when we fall. Be strong to yourself and forget that crazy thoughts of being cursed. We are light, strength and free – our mind is powerful and you can do anything. This song that you can listen above, it’s like a deep ocean of sorrow. That lady of the sea it’s like our hope of getting better. Love wins.
That love that fulfills our soul: a love that it’s ours and only. How can you want someone to love you if you can’t even get your fire be loved?
We are lost to get into ourselves and find our true colors. We have dark waters, dark colors… Our heart it’s like a pallet of great colors that makes us unique.
We have to get courage and get wet by our dark waters, find our boat that’s missing and understand our true love. When you accomplish that sea, when you find all your colors and get to know them – even that dark waters seem like a treasure that exists to make you even more special.
We can’t succumb to this Lady of our dark waters. We are that woman, that sea that tries to kill us. Let’s feel the waves and embrace them – and, yes, sometimes it hurts. The scares of that felling are beautiful. We are perfect with all our imperfection – without civilization masks.
Get your mind and heart and get free of the chains that try to kill you in your own waters!
Be brave, my friend… Get wet, get you. Don’t drown, be the sea!

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