[Poetry] Sun’s Smile

novembro 17, 2016

Today the sun runs into our veins,
We can even see his smile.
The big moon has given him a kiss!
Their love in us still remains.

Music sings their song,
We can almost fell it in our soul.
Shine like me, like an all.
Show me where we belong.

Breathe me in your heart,
The light is coming through…
The Sun smile to us all,
For the rich and the poor, we’re the same.

There will be a light
That is inside our mind,
Flows through our rivers,
It feeds the fishes and our scares.

Let its light get within,
Smile with the warm of the Sun.
Be its smile, even on darkness.
Feel into the moon,
Get warmer! Be free.

We are made of stars,
Like the Sun,
We are made of smiles.
There’s our strength!
We shine like stars,
Let’s get our light come out!

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