[Texts] May I become the Rain?

setembro 06, 2016

I’ve had a dream last night about this. I think it was a dream, since I don’t even remember being there at all. It was just like water flowing from my skin. I was alive, but dead at the same point of time and space.
If I were water, I can almost imagine my fall. I would love to become the rain. Just like humans have thoughts and dreams… Water would be more alive, falling beautifully losing itself like a true feeling.
That’s it! If I would choose what to be I could choose to become the rain and make the world more alive. It’s just like being born over and over again – plants that grow, animals that keep water inside… Some parts of me that would be everywhere and anywhere. Yes, I mostly want to become rain someday, then I could touch the faces from the desperate and sing to them quietly that they aren’t alone.
Would you be the rain like me?

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