[Texts] I should find me inside…

setembro 13, 2016

At some point in life, we all perhaps can feel like someone trapped our world into oblivion. But it’s just something that runs deep into our soul. Would you believe if I said that we are a deep ocean of storms and crafts? We build our own world by looking outside.
We are the boat, we are the ocean. We make the sun and the storm within.
Instead, we look into the ocean and go deep. We burn ourselves in deep water, we lose our minds and we drown. How could you say ‘Hello’ to yourself without losing your mind?
You sing the songs of the angels but you cry the songs of the damned. How could we be so damn perfect on our imperfections and still search for our perfection? Our ocean needs a sunny day too. Our eyes need a rest too. What about now? Who you are in that ocean… Have you lost the fight today?
Let’s get into water and be free from the chains that make us weaker.

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