[Poetry] Stopped by an axe

setembro 01, 2016

Hello there!
Here the time comes when a new vision is burning inside this site. New posts written with a really bad English, so I have to apologize first. I hope you like it, this kind of a first true inspired poem with nothing (like a born and free to go). Hope you enjoy it. Have a nice day, see you next post!

Stop. Could you just stop?
Take a deep breath.
Close your eyes, can you see?
There’s nothing inside, just nothing.
It’s like that, our problems.
We take them, close them and there’s nothing to worry about.

Stop. Could you please stop?
We had become so full.
It’s just like a bull,
Running insane about anything.

Stop. Yes, be like that.
One axe, one little axe.
You could just have stopped when I asked you.

Oh, this silence… So damn quiet. Perfect.
Thank you by stopping by.
Let’s just say you disappeared with one smile.

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