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setembro 10, 2016

Hi again, sweethearts! ♥
Just remember that inspiration it’s all about that: being alive elsewhere. Being another being, felling something in that moment that dies along with the last sentence.
Mister by Pammella on DeviantArt


Today I’ve promised not to think anymore. I’m afraid that I’ve lied. My mind goes crazy when little words across my imagination. I’m a nutshell of thinking. Like an insane person, I love to be whatever I don’t even know I am. I believe that being a brainless thinker seems to be a good idea. But I’ve lost myself in thoughts again. I travel the world inside my little mind… Just like my dream about being into another places, countries and magic worlds – you must understand that some of them are inside my head. This image from my friend, that man that seems to be holding every thought, – good or even bad ones – he’s like a superman of thought. In his mind the world can become bigger and bigger and transform tears into smiles… Or perception seems to connect what we see and we thought. Sometimes it feels like we are insane. Do you want to be insane like us? Join the brain side, have a thought!

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