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setembro 03, 2016

Hi again, sweethearts! ♥

I hope this week went along well for all of us! First day of an ‘inspiration’ on this site which means that a great artist will be showed along a little text of mine. Sometimes a little part of me goes into a new world when seeing a great art.

Inspiration it’s all about that: being alive elsewhere. Being another being, felling something in that moment that dies along with the last sentence.

Dark Side by DestinyBlue on DeviantArt

That Day

Above the sky there is a darkness that remains. I could almost feel it burning like the sun on my skin. Deep breaths and slight flashes of light were the only things that kept me from losing my heart into oblivion. Just one more step. I could fell from just one more step but my mind kept pushing me. I wasn’t heavy, not at all. My soul seemed far away, like I was in a movie and it was watching myself on a television, waiting for me to go along with the end. Sometimes I heard my heart racing, but I wasn’t running. My body didn’t respond to my commands and my eyes just watched. I was someone else’s feelings. How could I survive? Darkness smiled to me, I almost felt its hug. There goes the night, here comes the day. The day that shows much more that what I am. The day when the light is shining through Nature’s eyes into my soul. What is this? My soul came down and embraces light just for that day…

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2 comentários

  1. Engraçado, me vi tb nessa citação! Sempre que ouço uma música que me toca crio cenários, parece que estou vivendo num filme, e o sangue corre depressa nas veias mesmo. Linda citação!

    1. Obrigada ☺
      Sabes que viajar pelo nosso mundo da cabeça é das coisas mais maravilhosas que podem acontecer... Apesar do perigo de se viajar mais por esses mundos do que no real ;)

      Fico feliz que tenhas gostado!
      Um abraço,


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