[UPInternational] April'16

abril 10, 2016

Every month the group Blogs Up gives us some themes that we can choose and make our perfect crazy writing. And that’s what this post is about. Some cool theme that I’ve decided to make it mine.

Hope you like it! Feel free to get into my ship of words.
(Sorry for my rusty English, It have been a while since I’ve written something.)

The Day I Left Home

This is a story about some girl at some village that finds herself deep in depression. No one seems to really care about her, and dying it’s almost the better way of running away from all of this.
In this day, when she becomes aware that dying isn’t the answer to her feelings, his bag gets full and their feet become free. Without a compass to know where she is going. A free spirit that gets wilder, starting to learn how to know who she really is.

Nature sings to her, the silence becomes her best friend. So profound, too much friendly that her smile starts to overcome that darkness that her eyes had met in the past.
The future seems to be brighter as ever had been. Her sorrows become like steps burned by the sun. No society is a better place. Being part of an ecosystem that gets mad and kills, but that being stays dead. Her society kills the soul, takes the freedom and gives something with the same name but that keeps her trapped.

She starts to sing, she’s becoming aware of the music of freedom, becoming part of a new world. Her spirit wants to scream, like never before. But it isn’t a despair that runs inside her. That little girl – Debora – is letting herself go. Like the sun that heats the skin, the flora that she crushes with the feet. Like that little squirrel that calls her name.

-Debora, Debora… Can you listen? – Said one voice, deep into their mind.
She doesn’t really know that her father tries to reach her. She had taken pills, trying to be free. Death makes us free, said her friend of internet. She has no friends at school. Everyone makes fun of her. Even her mother is away. So she left home.

She left home the better way she had known. She tried to run before. The cops brought her back to the house. Now no one can take her home again. It’s too late.
She had left home, that day it was the last. She left home, society, depression. Everything was left behind.
She was finally free - from herself.

This was fun ☺, Have you enjoyed it? I know, it’s a little dark... But there are people who only have that type of freedom. Being dark, letting no one get them. We have to be careful, trying to get our own balance without letting other ruin our mind. Be minded free!

You can see in the below image all the themes available this month.

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2 comentários

  1. Sofia,meu Deus,esse texto me emocionou,principalmente porque acabei de ler um livro que fala um pouco sobre isso,não tanto a depressão,mas encontrar a si mesmo,tentar achar uma alternativa a esse sofrimento.
    Enfim,gostei muito :)
    Beijos ^.^
    xoxo <3


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